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Conceptual base

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The commissioning process is typically divided in 3 great areas: field activity performance, commissioning management, and specialized engineering support.

In this case, it is important to provide an specific commissioning engineering support for each industry, as there are details relevant to each type of business in the several industries, such as oil & gas, power, mining, steel & iron, naval, etc.

The HMSWeb is the IT solution that meets the needs of the 3 areas and integrates them efficiently, from schedule and control of millions of activities on equipment, circuits, loops, system, subsystems and others related to the business, up to accurate monitoring of the physical progress of the project, generation of productivity indicators, and issue of all types of management report based on the following information:

  1. Engineering database (objects that are or will be part of any activity) - equipment, items, instruments, circuits, loops, systems, subsystems, modules, packages, etc.
  2. Work scope: What must be done? What still needs to be done? What has already been done?
  3. How the work must be done? (procedures, checklists, reference document)
  4. Evidences of the process (certificate of the activity performances, record sheet)
  5. Who did what?
  6. When the work has been done?
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