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Purpose, features and main resources

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  1. Manage the large volume of data and its complexity
  2. Generate records about performance and approval, and store evidences 
  3. Ensure traceability 
  4. Make information available for all people involved 
  5. Improve planning and monitoring of the work 
  6. Record all commissioning history of the business 
  7. Ensure compliance with methodology (compliance with procedures)


  1. Complete solution for commissioning management
  2. Web environment and friendly-use interface 
  3. Centralized database 
  4. Configurable project features 
  5. Guide for standard performance of the field activities 
  6. Warranty of compliance with methodology 
  7. Integration to other IT tools 
  8. Control of the access by user group/profile

Main resources:

  1. Plan, record, control, and track all activities related to commissioning and punch list
  2. Control teams, time sheet, and productivity indicators 
  3. Store essential information of the operational procedures 
  4. Allow storage and search of the reference documentation of the project (project library). 
  5. Issue records, certificates, and reports related to commissioning activities. 
  6. Allow searches and management reports for the work planning and physical progress monitoring 
  7. Record commissionable objects (equipment, instruments, loops, circuits, systems, etc.) 
  8. Schedule and control activities
  9. Control pending issues
  10. Control preservation
  11. Resources to search information
  12. Flexibility of configuration (without IT programming)
  13. 100% remote access via Web
  14. Complete history of the transactions
  15. Integration to palmtops
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