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Start-Up HMSWeb Ltda 01/07/2007Last month (July), a spin-off of Forship Engenharia Ltda gave rise to a new company, HMSWeb Tecnologia da Informação Ltda, whose mission is to develop IT solutions specific for management of industrial fixed asset projects, considering the phases of construction, assembly, mechanical completion, commissioning, start-up and handover; thus, contributing decisively towards the success of our clients’ projects. See more

Samarco Mineração S.A. Acquires HMSWeb License 02/05/2007In April, Samarco Mineração S.A. signed a contract with Forship involving the commissioning information management solution, which consists of the right to use the HMSWeb in the Third Pelletizing (Terceira Pelotização) project, as well as the tool administration and operation services. See more

HMSWeb 3.0 - A System Mature for the Market 20/02/2006At the beginning of 2006, with new and important resources, Forship Engenharia concluded version 3.0 of its HMSWeb (Handover Management System), the IT solution developed by the company to manage the commissioning services. This new version has been implemented on the Autonomous Repumping Platform 1 (PRA-1), at the Petrobras’ work site in Bahia, and it has been also customized for Braskem, the first Forship’s client to acquire a HMSWeb 3.0 user license as a product. See more

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