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Forship Group to participate in a UK mission

Rio de Janeiro, September 30, 2016 - Business Roadshow focused on building relationship with United Kingdom Trade & Investment (UKTI) companies.

The British Consulate in Rio de Janeiro sponsored a roadshow to the United Kingdom in the 1st half of 206 through the United Kingdom Trade & Investment (UKTI) group. The roadshow included five Brazilian companies with high growth potential and willing to discover and evaluate new materials, equipment and services sub-suppliers.

Forship was one of the companies selected to join the group. "UKTI's goal includes promoting British equipment and establishing contacts between suppliers and potential buyers in Brazil. This invitation to Forship is highly significant because it reflects the positive image we enjoy in the market," as Forship Group's assessor Ricardo Vahia explains.

The roadshow provided an opportunity to participate in the International Festival for Business (IFB), a fair where manufacturers and suppliers meet for exchanging. Eight meetings were held bringing British companies to the UKTI stand during the IFB event. Ricardo Vahia also had an opportunity for technical visits to groups like Heaps & Partners, Hydratron and Koso Kent Introl, manufacturers of valves, hydraulic actuators and compressed air drive systems.

Forship Group was introduced to NOF Energy, a northeast England based Oil & Gas suppliers association, and to the Energy Industries Council (EIC), a group of UK energy sector companies. Finally, Forship assessor visited the UK Export Finance, a government agency that gives support to importers of British products. "This relationship with the British Consulate in Rio de Janeiro is significant for us because it means a two-way road. We find an open door to procure goods and services from the UK, but at the same time we can identify potential future customers in need of our expertise. We do not have any presence in that region, but we are always willing to explore new markets, as we did in relation to the United States, Africa and Asia; regions where we have developed successful operations," Ricardo Vahia concludes.

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