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Regulatory support for FPSO Libra Turret system

Rio de Janeiro, November 23, 2016 - Forship Group was hired by UK-based company London Marine Consultant (CML) to provide regulatory support to the Turret system of an emblematic project, the FPSO Libra, which is designed for oil production in pre-salt of the field that has the largest reserve ever discovered in the country.

Forship is providing support to LMC to ensure the regulatory compliance of the Turret System of the unit, currently under construction at Jurong Shipyard, a traditional partner of our group.

The scope of the contract includes: guidelines for compliance with Brazilian requirements; procedures with guidance on NR-10 and NR-13 standards; regular support for clarifying technical issues and regulatory doubts; English translation of applicable Brazilian regulations; Portuguese translation of project documents. Forship team has also visited the client's office in London, the Sofel Triyards shipyard, in charge of building the Turret (in Vietnam) and Jurong shipyard (Singapore), besides visits to the facilities of other CML equipment suppliers. "While we have consolidated expertise in regulatory support for offshore projects, this is the first time we provide such services to a Turret system module manufacturer." Explains project manager Fabiano Lima.

The 12-month contract was entered in March (extendable for additional 6 months), but it is expected to be maintained until the final delivery and integration of the module into the platform.

"Understanding the very technology of the Turret (designed to allow the movement of the vessel around the risers-platform connection), the equipment employed, and the operation of the system as a whole was the main challenge," Forship Group engineer Adib Schuab says.

Adib recently spent some time at LMC's office in London to provide support to the engineering team as they developed and adapted the project to the Brazilian requirements.

"This was a rich exchange of experiences and knowledge between the two companies. During that time I also started the process to structure the NR-10 and NR-13 records' documentation LMC is expected to deliver to Jurong Shipyard together with the Turret." he adds.

"In addition to supporting the adaptation of the project, we also met with CML suppliers, monitored both the tests in pressure vessel, performed in Italy, and the Swivel delivery inspection test (the system designed to allow transferring the fluids from the fixed part to the movable part of the Turret), performed in Norway," says Adib Schuab.

In June this year, Adib visited Sofel shipyard in Vietnam to join a preliminary inspection, helping LMC identify potential deviations from the Brazilian requirements in the construction and assembly of the equipment. Forship Asia director, Engineer Rodrigo Coura, accompanied Jurong representatives during this inspection.

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