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Bravante Group scores 9.8 for Forship Group

Rio de Janeiro, December 28, 2016 - The concept of excellence in the evaluation of client's satisfaction through Due Diligence survey is the highest in the scale.

The Forship Group's ability to deliver excellence services, within challenging timeframes, was successfully certified once again. This was demonstrated by the evaluation performed by Bravante Group on the services provided in the validation of a new schedule and budget for the construction of three Platform Supply Vessel (PSV) type support vessels, due to be chartered by Petrobras.

With a 30-day execution timeframe, the project was completed in June upon the delivery of a report. Within the scope of the service, Forship Group, in partnership with the naval consulting company Aquapar, carried out a Due Diligence survey to assess the risks of the transaction, which involves the construction of support boats currently under construction at São Miguel Shipyard, in the municipality of São Gonçalo (RJ).

"We believe client's satisfaction is a result of the expertise and qualification of the team engaged, who delivered a high technical quality report, fully meeting the initial requirement within the strict deadline required. That was the first project delivered for this client, but we are confident that, in view of the feedback received, we have established a relationship of trust that will generate new business opportunities," says Forship Group naval engineer Marcos Valladão.

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