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Strategies for Forship Asia growth

Rio de Janeiro, January 18, 2017 - Since one year now Forship Asia (FSA), our Singapore subsidiary, has a new managing director: mechanical engineer Rodrigo Coura, who took the lead of the affiliate with the mission to strengthen Forship Group presence in the Asian market.

"Based on an understanding of the business environment and culture in that market, my first actions included, primarily, seeking new business opportunities and implementing initiatives for the growth of the company. Always focusing on client's, employees' and shareholders' satisfaction, "says the new FSA officer.

Alert to opportunities

The affiliate's workforce is currently engaged in two major projects, both involving FPSO Pioneiro de Libra, which will be operated by OOGTK, a joint venture formed by Odebrecht Óleo e Gás and Teekay Petrojarl. Under the contract entered with Jurong shipyard, responsible for the conversion of the FPSO, Forship Group is providing technical advice to ensure that the unit will comply with the Brazilian legislation.

On the other hand, the contract entered with London Marine Consultants (LMC) includes technical advice aiming the compliance of the FPSO Turret system with the Brazilian legislation, namely the system designed for the hook-up to flexible subsea flowlines, and the anchorage system that allows the vessel to rotate around a fixed point.

37 projects have been delivered since the subsidiary was started in 2006, most of them for the Oil & Gas and Mining sectors.

"One of the biggest challenges is to expand our operations in Asia and develop new solutions. There is today a demand for commissioning and regulatory support for specific projects that migrated from Brazil to Asia. But we are also alert to the energy, infrastructure and transportation projects that Asian countries are planning or implementing – opportunities for the Forship Group," Coura says.

The workforce will be the great ally in achieving such results, he points out. "Our employees play an invaluable role in working rightsized, with high performance and quality, aligned with the set strategies," FSA managing director sums up.

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