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Petrobras to award a 9.4 grade to Forship

Rio de Janeiro, March 22, 2017 - Contract included 24 production units managed by the Exploration and Production Operations Unit in Sergipe and Alagoas (UO-SEAL).

In the last stage of the contract entered with Petrobras to operate in 24 production units in the offshore fields of Camorim, Caioba, Dourado, Guaricema and Robalo, Forship Group's workforce achieved excellent results. The client awarded a 9.8 grade to the services and an overall 9.4 grade to the 180-day project.

"Throughout this assignment we were praised by the Safety, Environment and Health (SMS) department, by the Petrobras Project management department and the operational area," says Forship Group's project manager Luís Sérgio. He also explains Forship's strategy to achieve this outcome. "Keeping a cohesive team structure, a good flow of information and a good relationship with the client enabled us to anticipate many of the problems, which enabled the implementation of mitigating actions," says Luís Sérgio.

The activities, which involved platforms managed by the Exploration and Production Operations Unit in Sergipe and Alagoas (UO-SEAL), included the provision of such services as cargo handling and maintenance of cranes, mechanical equipment, and electrical and instrumentation systems on those platforms.

The project also relied on teams on board offshore UO-SEAL platforms, an unprecedented experience for Forship Group, which holds a number of contracts in the Operation & Maintenance (O & M) industry in the country. "This contract strengthens the expansion of our regional presence, consolidating an image of excellence, thereby opening doors to other opportunities," adds Forship Group's Project Manager

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