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HMSWeb to expand operations with Vale

Rio de Janeiro, April 18, 2017 - Contract will consolidate the presence of the System in brownfield projects.

HMSWeb Tecnologia da Informação Ltda. entered a new contract for the licensing, deployment, training and support to the HMSWeb system in Ongoing Vale's Northern Logistics Projects, in São Luís (MA). As part of the scope of activities, the software will operate in the installation of two 500 m³ tanks in the tank park of the Carajás Railroad (EFC) locomotive refuelling station, in addition to the compliance with Regulatory Standard NR-23, which provides on fire protection.

This is the second HMSWeb brownfield project entered with Vale under the responsibility of the Department of Logistic Implantation (Dilo).

The term brownfield applies to ongoing operational improvement or unit repair projects.

"It is our expectation that, despite the short 12-month project, the use of HMSWeb will be perpetuated within Dilo, with new 'subprojects' being started and terminated at all times. Several concurrent projects are entered by Vale every year, which means an important market for HMSWeb", says HMSWeb Tecnologia da Informação Executive Director Luciano Gaete.

Projects evolution

HMSWeb currently has two sets of brownfield projects with Vale. "Our first contract was the Dilo Portos, which groups several ongoing projects in the area of ports. As from now, we'll have the Dilo Ferrovias, which is similar to the railway projects," Luciano Gaete explains. Following, scheduled to start in March/April, the third project, namely the Correntes Ferrosos, will be configured, this time including brownfield projects in the iron ore area.

The fourth brownfield project with Vale, scheduled to start in August/September, also a 12-month project, will expand HMSWeb application to encompass ongoing South/Southeast port logistics projects. "It is our goal to expand and foster the use of HMSWeb technology by the client, both in new capital projects, similarly to S11D, Long Harbor and Moatize, and brownfield projects in ports, railways and iron ore," adds the Executive Director.

For Luciano Gaete, the challenge will be to ensure HMSWeb's adherence to the specific needs of such new smaller and shorter, although in a higher number, project environment, while preserving the effectiveness that has already been testified in major capital projects. "This contract is important because it opens up new opportunities for HMSWeb, going from nearly exclusive through the construction cycle of new industrial units, to operation in the commercial operation cycle, thereby consistently contributing to the success of the projects, and during the various life stages of the asset," Gaete says.

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