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HMSWeb presents Top 3 commissioning management technology at OTC 2017

Houston, May 3, 2017 – Specialized in the development of IT solutions for engineering project management and control, HMSWeb Information Technology is presenting its commissioning engineering software at the Offshore Technology Conference – OTC 2017, which will be held from May 1-4 in Houston, Texas (USA). Known as HMSWeb, it has recently been recognized by international customers as one of the three best and most complete solutions for management of the quality, completion and commissioning of industrial units around the world.

The position of HMSWeb© - Handover Management System – as a TOP3 in the market crowns the success of the firm founded in May 2007, as a spin-off from Forship Engenharia, a pioneer in commissioning engineering in Brazil. “ HMSWeb was born out of Forship’s need for a more complete tool for managing commissioning process activities in the projects we take part in in the offshore area”, points out Fabio Fares, CEO and Chairman of the Forship Group.

The software that led to the creation of the HMSWeb subsidiary was developed for use as a proprietary tool of Forship Engenharia, which has consolidated its expertise in around 300 projects developed in Brazil and abroad. These include more than 40 offshore platforms (22 of which belong to Petrobras) operating in the Campos, Santos and Espírito Santo basins, off the coast of Brazil.

Forship’s portfolio includes large Floating Production Storage Offloading (FPSO) type platforms, with the capacity to produce 180 thousand barrels of oil a day and process 6 million m3 of gas, such as P-50 (Albacora Leste), P-53 (Marlim Leste), P-54 and P-62 (Roncador), P-58 (Parque das Baleias) - all in the Campos basin. In addition, the portfolio of projects in which Forship has taken part includes the P-55 (Roncador), the biggest semi-submersible platform built in Brazil, and the FPSO BW Pioneer, in the Cascade and Chinook basins, which was the first unit of this type to produce oil in the Gulf of Mexico and in US waters.

Intelligent management

“HMSWeb is a light, simple and provenly effective tool, which is suitable for large-scale complex projects as well as small operational improvement projects in existing units”, observes Luciano Gaete, Executive Director of HMSWeb Tecnologia da Informação. “HMSWeb facilitates the management, control, certification and verification of all activities related to the quality control,

mechanical completion, commissioning, assisted operation and ramp-up executed during project development”, complements the executive, who will present the software at the Brazilian Pavilion on May 1 at 3:30 PM.

“The solution’s mobile version - HMSMobile – available since 2015, makes it possible to control and register all activities directly in the field, including the registering and clearing of backlogs, with the option of including photos and mark-ups, among other functionalities that enable field teams to achieve enormous quality and productivity gains”, as Gaete points out.

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