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Excellence recognition

Rio de Janeiro, June 1, 2017 - Petrobras highlights Forship's performance in the surface preparation for UO-Rio platforms painting and makes a contract amendment.

Forship Engenharia received recognition from Petrobras for the work carried out at the UO-Rio/PCM Operational Unit (Project, Construction and Assembly) in 2016.

"We had our outstanding performance in the Corrosion Inhibitor Utilization Project in the UO-Rio platforms painting process, making production gain possible in the surface treatment stage in the anticorrosion protection painting process", celebrates Roberto Rocha, Forship’s vice president. The result was a 24-month additive, signed in August last year, giving prominence in yet another solution provided by Forship that can generate new market opportunities.

Success Case

According to Forship’s Project Manager, Alexandre Maximo da Silva, surface preparation is the main bottleneck for the painting production at any time (onshore and/or offshore). "This stage consumes about 70% of this type of project’s total time, and it’s essential for the success of the performance of applied coating", he says.

The result obtained by Forship, considered by the team a pioneering project, was presented at INTERCORR-2016, the largest international corrosion event in Brazil, which brings together technical and scientific communities of universities, companies and professionals in the area. In May, this same project will be presented at COTEQ 2017 - 14th Equipment Technology Conference.

Market Awareness

"It was only possible to carry out this project due to the know-how of the people involved in the painting activity, part of Forship's staff, such as our collaborators Raphael Bezerra, Rodrigo Amorim and Pablo Peixoto, who performed outstandingly in Petrobras”, pointed out the manager.

For the team, the biggest challenge was the effort of convincing other areas to close the project. "We have been disseminating, training, explaining and monitoring this activity for over four years with Petrobras and with the market in general. This recognition is the result of a daily battle to raise awareness of the people involved to the importance of the anticorrosive control, which has major value in several projects", says Maximus.

For Forship, the recognition given by Petrobras confirms the quality of services, the competence and the commitment of the company's engineers.

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