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Hmsweb Advances in the Agribusiness Industry

Rio de Janeiro, June 12th, 2017 - HMSWeb Tecnologia da Informação will provide Cargill, one of the most important agribusiness companies in the world, a comprehensive package of services.


The contract signed in April covers licensing, deployment, training and support of ­HMSWeb, a technological tool for loading conveyor reversal projects at the Terminal in Santarém (PA), and implementation of a new grain dryer.


"The conquest of that client represents the advancement of HMSWeb in the agribusiness market. It is result of the good performance presented in previous projects in this industry", says the Company's Executive Officer, Luciano Gaete. This is the third contract in this area, once the HMSWeb provided services in BP Biofuels' BP Tropical Plant expansion project, in Goiás, and ADM's terminal expansion project at Santos Port (SP).


According to Gaete, Cargill, that is performing a test drive with HMSWeb to validate the effectiveness of the software in a smaller project aiming at corporate use in all their projects in the five terminals it operates in Brazil; in addition to Santos, the following units: Barcarena, Miricituba and Santarém, in the state of Pará, and Paranaguá, in the state of Paraná. "HMSWeb may also be used in the production units", says Luciano Gaete.


In the Officer's opinion, the greater challenge will be to set­up the HMSWeb in the right amount, based on information received from Cargill, so as not to overwhelm the project with un­necessary features for their business and, at the same time, maximizing the ability of team management and thus, prove the value for both larger and complex projects of the client.

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