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Expertise in Qualification 'Engineering'

Rio de Janeiro, July 18, 2017 - We add more than 8000 hours in 13 trainings for Vitória (ES), Macaé and Rio de Janeiro (RJ) teams in BGL project.


Forship Group showed their expertise in mobilizing and qualifying the four teams that are executing the contract with Petrobras: Operating Support and Maintenance of Marine Services Unit Facilities (Unidade de Serviços de Instalações Marítimas, SIMA).

Since the beginning of the contract, celebrated in January this year, with a Term of 180 days (renewable for the same period), Forship promoted a series of trainings - which add up to more than 8000 hours - to about 160 people in four work fronts. "So far we have already hired and trained 157 professionals: 77 in Rio de Janeiro and 52 in the region of Macaé and Campos of Goytacazes (Northern region of Rio de Janeiro state), 22 in Vitória (ES) and 6 in Aracaju (SE). The mobilization will continue according to the project's demands," explains Forship's Human Resources Manager, Anita Figueiredo.


Expanded Expertise

These trainings were necessary due to the contract's scope, which involves BGL-1 and BGL-2 vessels, in addition to a services ferry. Activities include cargo handling, seamanship, scaffolding, industrial painting, welding, industrial safety, salvage, radio operation and basic maintenance. "We were careful to consider the activities to be developed with the assistance of experienced professionals, and now we leave to set up a special training schedule, certifying our teams for such activities. Today, we are able to assert we have one more expertise in the company," says the Project Manager, Alexandre Máximo.


Joint Action

Selecting, assembling and qualifying those working groups demanded a work of 'Engineering' in personnel management and much interaction between the involved areas. "Our first idea was to set up a recruitment group in each location. However, thinking about cost reduction and efficiency in the process, all mobilization was conducted by our Headquarters in Rio de Janeiro. Teams from all areas involved in this contract attended such mobilization," explains Anita. Conciliating training with the need to start working immediately was the hardest part of the process, according to Máximo. "We had to set up a schedule that would meet the boarding requested by the Client with candidates availability. We did not spare efforts to keep the boarding schedule, facilitating courses in Macaé, Rio de Janeiro and Vitória." For Forship's Vice President, Roberto Rocha, the commitment of all those individuals involved in the project enabled the company to overcome such challenges. "Many men and women sacrificed their weekends off with their families to keep the mobilization schedule because they understood the importance of this project for the company, due to the scenario our industry is inserted in today," the Officer revealed.

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