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New contract with Transpetro

Rio de Janeiro, August 28, 2017 - Services on Guanabara Bay Waterway Terminals (TABG) cover facilities on three islands.

Forship Group has won a new contract with Transpetro, this time to provide infrastructure and cabling technical services for the Guanabara Bay Waterway Terminals (TABG), located on Ilha do Governador, Rio de Janeiro. The Terminals are formed by D´Água Island, Redonda Island and Comprida Island, as well as by three piers (one of them of liquefied natural gas/LNG).

The contract covers the infrastructure installation (electrical conduits and cable trays) of electrical cables and data that form the system that controls employees’ access (hired and outsourced) to Transpetro’s facilities.

“The biggest challenge is the logistics for the provision of materials and tools to the islands, as well as the relocation of Forship’s team to execute the service, that will be carried out by a vessel to be contracted from third parties,” assesses the project manager, José Roberto da Rocha Gonçalves.

“More than being an opportunity of showing the quality of our work to Transpetro, at this moment it is significant to have more than one contract in our portfolio. In addition to improving FSE’s revenue, it also allows us to keep professionals with broad experience and dedication to Forship,” says Forship Group Vice President, Roberto Rocha.

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